Look back your day,

pick and store your STAR moment.

It's gonna be your Best Day Collection.

Where're your memories stored?

Throughout our lifetime,

we face many moments

You better keep it safely.

because it`s your treasure.

Calendar : Easy access to your memory.

You can make it better.

Tell your story

with words and images.

You also make it better

with tags and unique seals.

Star day : A card of your best moment.

Days become your own film.

So many life events that

really matter in your life.

You can quickly search

some special moment.

Film : Your special day collection.

Get in the habit.

We want you to makes it

easy to see

where you’ve been

and what you’ve done.

Archive : Support to stay in the habit.

We keep it safe and easy.

You don`t need to worry

about data loss or security.

Because google did prepare

everything, and we use it.

System : Stable back-up and others.